Biogas to Hydrogen

“Hydrogen Production from Integrated Biogas Production Process in Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell – Econometris Analysis” 

A Dissertation presented to the Democritus University of Thrace for the Award of the M.Eng. Degree in Environmental Engineering



In the present thesis the hydrogen production in an integrated biogas plant, using renewable raw materials (energy maize and animal waste), for hydrogen production through biogas assisted electrolysis. The aim was the techno-economic analysis and the estimation of the economic feasibility of such a unit.

For this purpose, the flow diagram of a biogas-to-hydrogen unit was designed and the corresponding operational parameters were calculated, for 9 different biogas production capacities. Such a unit could replace the cogeneration system of the conventional biogas cogeneration plants.

Flowingly, the economic viability of such a solution was examined, through the estimation of the hydrogen selling prices, for which the proposed in-situ hydrogen production could obtain the same prospects for economic viability with the conventional solution of biogas cogeneration, for the same biogas capacities. In this context, three economic criteria were used, i.e. the Net present Value (NPV), the Internal Rate of Return (IRRR) and the Pay Out Time (POT).

The results showed that the proposed solution can obtain the same excellent values, for these three criteria, with the conventional cogeneration plants, for hydrogen selling prices of the same order with the selling prices of small distributed hydrogen generation from natural gas and the prices at which hydrogen fuel could be commercialized.

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